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Tip # 10: Say Goodbye to Your Addiction with a Heartfelt Letter!

You have almost taken away my entire life. Then, when all the tales of fun and harm are related, the writer turns on alcohol. The writer describes how he or she no longer wants to live on the roller coaster of alcoholism. That alcohol is no longer welcome and cannot be a part of life anymore. We are no longer taking on your name as we move away from you either.

I don’t want you to control me anymore. I want to be free from the obsessions and the false hope that you can make me happy, beautiful, and perfect. I want to accept myself as I am and strive for health-mind, body, and soul. I’m not sure that I’ve ever achieved such wellness.

A Letter From the Addict to the Addiction

Everything you made me believe turned out to be a lie. I wasn’t more in control of my life. I wasn’t doing anything worthwhile in the world. You lied to me, and I believed you. It’s been a long time since I left you and that graveyard; it’s been around a year.

Your words overpower every move I make – thinking how many more calories I’ll burn if I tap my feet in class, convincing myself I’m not hungry when my stomach is growling. And it’s not just me you’ve taken over. It’s pretty crazy how you can be in so many heads at once, telling us all what to do, ruining our lives.

Letter To Addiction: Saying Goodbye to Heroin

Many of the people around me are starting to notice. They can see me getting thinner, paler, and more distant. I’m almost like a ghost floating by and so consumed in my own little world of calories and weight and exercise that you have trapped me in. I’ve listening to you for a while now. I can remember back to dance class in elementary school when I thought I looked too fat in my costume. About two years ago, you started to take more of a role in my life.

goodbye letter to drug of choice template

ED, you are a fucking bastard and because of you I had to leave the life I loved to face you goodbye letter to drugs head on. I hate you ED, with all of my heart. You have done nothing but DESTROY my life!

The Benefits of Writing a Goodbye Letter to Drugs

So to try and let go of you is a near impossible thought. I have finally found a couple professionals that care about the me on the inside. It’s devastating, nonetheless, to try and actually deal with all these emotions from pretty much my entire life that I have been avoiding. I feel worthless at my core when I am with you and, although my self-esteem isn’t high, it is better without you.

goodbye letter to drug of choice template

It’s time to let go, even if it’s terrifying. Breaking free from addiction is difficult, but it will be the finest decision you ever make. Write a goodbye addiction letter and express your true feelings to yourself and enjoy the freedom and new life. Richard Singer is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who was once homeless and ready to die as a direct result of addiction. Richard has over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of addiction treatment as a psychotherapist and educator.

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